Team Details

Mel White

Mel White a seasoned professional whose three-decade expedition in the public sector has been a testament to his commitment to organizational effectiveness, change, diversity, inclusion, and human rights. As an expert facilitator and trainer, Mello has crafted a nuanced, human-centered approach, guiding individuals, teams, and organizations toward optimal conditions for high performance, innovation, and exceptional public/client service.During his tenure as a Senior Policy Advisor at OPS Inclusive Diversity Office, Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat, Mel played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of diversity and inclusion initiatives. His leadership provided strategic guidance, emphasizing the advancement of inclusive leadership across the enterprise.

As a Senior Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Attorney General at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, Mel seamlessly navigated the complexities of the Criminal Law Division. His strategic analysis and executive support were not merely tasks but integral components in ensuring the efficient operation of the office during

periods of transformation. Mel’s journey extends beyond roles and titles. His stint as a Senior Diversity Coordinator at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General showcased his dedication to championing organizational change. Here, he spearheaded the development of MAG’s Inclusion Plan, leaving an indelible mark on the path toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

His commitment to shaping inclusive workplace cultures continued in various roles, each contributing to a mosaic of experiences. From Investigator/Training Coordinator at the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General to Executive Assistant to Assistant Deputy Minister, Mello’s story unfolds as a tapestry of strategic leadership, collaborative engagement, and transformative impact.

Collaborative and accustomed to working in fast-paced, high visibility, contentious environments, Mel leverages superior communication skills, diplomacy and good judgment to achieve transformational change. The pursuit of excellence, integrity and respect for the dignity and wellbeing of others are hallmarks of his approach.

Mel, who has a BA in history and social sciences and an undergraduate degree in social work, is a student of philosophy, history, politics, and sociology with an interest in movements for social change, anti-oppression, and human rights; passions that were ignited during his tenure as a research officer at the National Library of Jamaica.