Shannon Talbot

Meet Shannon Talbot, a seasoned professional who has held key roles as a former Director at Scotia Bank and a former VP at Publics, Canada. Alongside her professional achievements, Shannon is a dedicated wife and mother of two lively boys. 

Despite her impressive career, she faced the challenge of balancing the demands of work and family life.

Climbing the corporate ladder brought unique stresses, and it wasn’t until Shannon reached her late 30s that she recognized the pivotal role well-being plays in achieving true success.

Now, in her roles as a Speaker, Author, and Coach, Shannon shares her journey and guides other ambitious professionals in conquering self-doubt, attaining excellence, and finding that delicate equilibrium between work and life while prioritizing well-being. 

Her upcoming book, “Breaking Free – Stop Holding Back, Start Being You,” unveils her personal experiences, including navigating through rejection, loss, anxiety, and stress, offering relatable insights for readers.

Shannon has made a significant impact on countless professionals and collaborated with renowned  organizations such as Nestle, Scotiabank, BMO, Ontario Government, Publicis, CGI, WCB, nabs, FCB, and Keller Williams through her coaching and speaking programs. The positive feedback underscores the transformative influence she has on individuals and workplaces. 

As Shannon continues to champion well-being and professional fulfilment, her legacy becomes a source of inspiration for those striving for growth, balance, and success. Through her practical insights, Shannon not only shares valuable lessons but also provides a roadmap for others to embark on their journey toward personal and professional fulfilment.

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