Rashida Geddes

Meet Rashida Geddes: A catalyst for transformation, Rashida is on a mission to liberate talent from self-imposed barriers, that cuts through the cacophony of distractions, and illuminate the path to career and life fulfillment.

As a distinguished Career & Leadership Coach specializing in Millennials & Gen-Z, coupled with her role as a Senior Talent Leader, Rashida has left an indelible mark, earning recognition on major media platforms and gracing prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School with her insights.

In her multifaceted role as a Leadership & Career Coach, Senior Talent Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Millennial/Gen-Z Mentor, Rashida is driven by the singular goal of empowering emerging leaders to recognize and harness their innate power. Her advocacy for the next generation reverberates through her dynamic speaking engagements, coaching sessions, and transformative training programs.

Rashida’s journey is fueled by a passion to embolden Millennials and GenZ individuals, urging them to value

their unique life experiences and fearlessly showcase the brilliance they bring to the professional arena. In her coaching capacity, Rashida serves as a guide and mentor to purpose-driven professionals—individuals characterized by their intelligence, passion, and proactive approach. 

Her focus is on helping these leaders break free from the distractions that impede their progress, allowing them to create frameworks that not only define their version of success but also propel them toward more abundant opportunities and financial prosperity.

As a Senior Talent Leader, Rashida’s impact extends beyond coaching, having collaborated with some of the most esteemed institutions and partners. Her role involves spearheading initiatives that redefine how organizations engage, discover, and onboard the Next Generation Workforce.

Rashida’s eloquence and wisdom have found a platform on esteemed stages, including Harvard Business School, Concordia, McGill University, and projects with Bell Media. Her messages on women’s empowerment and leadership echo powerfully, resonating with audiences eager to embrace their potential.


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