Marc Blai

Marc Blais is a distinguished Executive Coach and an authority in Leadership development.

Renowned as a top Money influencer in Quebec, he has also authored two influential French books on Finance, titled “Take Back Control of Your Financial Life – Fast” and “Invest Smart, Think Different!” (FR: « Reprenez rapidement le contrôle de votre vie financière » et « Investir intelligemment, penser autrement! »).

In addition to his coaching expertise, Marc brings a wealth of experience as a CFO, accountant, financial coach, blogger, and author. 

With a background as an executive coach and team transformation coach, Marc plays a pivotal role in helping corporate leaders cultivate a growth mindset. His guidance extends to the transformation of behaviors and the alignment of management teams with strategic plans, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Marc has provided invaluable advice to numerous business leaders and 

occupied senior management roles in publicly listed companies. His leadership extends to chairing and being a member of several boards of directors, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of corporate dynamics. 

Marc’s journey is marked by repeated success in financially and culturally transforming organizations. Leveraging this rich experience, he now dedicates himself to accompanying business leaders and their teams on their journey towards the “infinite game,” helping them achieve both personal and professional fulfillment. 

Acknowledging the emotional and professional isolation often experienced by leaders, Marc emphasizes the significance of having a trusted support system during challenging times.

This is precisely the support he offers to the leaders under his guidance. 

In his role as the chair of two business leader groups at TEC-Canada/Vistage, Marc is instrumental in steering entrepreneurs and leaders towards unprecedented achievements. TEC-Canada and Vistage International, with a legacy dating back to 1957, have been vital pillars in supporting leaders, with 45,000 leaders meeting monthly to address challenges and make informed decisions. 

Marc’s coaching philosophy revolves around tapping into strengths at a profound level to substantially improve results and tackle significant challenges.

Being empathetically understood and heard during personal or professional challenges, according to Marc, is invaluable. 

With a natural and human-centric coaching style, Marc thrives in helping leaders realize their full potential. His commitment to guiding leaders on their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment is evident in every aspect of his coaching approach. 

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