Leadership Development Services

Building Better Leaders, Building Stronger Organizations.


Welcome to our Leadership Development Services, where we empower leaders to drive organizational success through effective training and coaching programs. At Olade Consulting we are Your Premier Partner in Leadership Development and Organizational Success.

Empower your leaders by driving success through our expertise in developing effective training and coaching programs tailored for your unique needs.

Our Leadership Coaching Services

Executive Leadership Development Coaching

Unlock your leadership potential with our focused coaching, tailored to enhance your skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. Our clients have experienced transformative leadership journeys, witnessing increased confidence, improved decision-making, and a notable impact on their teams’ performance.

Career Management Coaching

Customized coaching to plan and elevate your career, focusing on skill enhancement, goal setting, and sustained success. Our clients have strategically navigated their career paths, achieving milestones and positioning themselves as influential leaders in their respective industries.

Career Transition Coaching

We go beyond the surface to thoroughly assess resumes, employing a meticulous screening process to shortlist candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align seamlessly with your organization’s unique needs and values.

Onboarding Guidance

Ease into new leadership roles confidently with our specialized support for successful onboarding, ensuring a swift and effective integration into your new responsibilities. Our clients have seamlessly transitioned into leadership positions, leveraging our guidance to establish their presence.

Leadership Assessment Services

Make informed and data-driven leadership decisions with Olade Consulting’s comprehensive Leadership Assessment Services.

Psychometric Assessments

Gain insights into leadership potential with our comprehensive psychometric assessments, covering cognitive ability, behavior, and values. Businesses partnering with us have strategically placed leaders, aligning their strengths with organizational goals, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Interactive Assessments

Engage in assessments focused on behavior, values, and job-related competence, providing a holistic view of leadership capabilities. Your organizational will benefit from a deeper understanding of their leaders’ competencies, leading to targeted development plans and enhanced organizational performance.

Comprehensive Assessment

Experience in-depth evaluation covering cognitive ability, behavior, personality, values, and job-related competence, ensuring a thorough understanding of leadership potential. Organizations partnering with us have made strategic leadership decisions, fostering a culture of excellence and achieving sustainable success.

Entry/Stay/Exit Interviews

Extract valuable insights from interviews to inform talent strategies, refine processes, and ensure optimal leadership decisions. Top Organisations have refined their talent strategies, implemented process improvements, and made informed decisions based on insights gained from Entry/Stay/Exit Interviews.

Leadership Training Services

Empower your leaders with Olade Consulting’s Leadership Development Services, offering a range of training and coaching programs designed to drive organizational success through effective leadership.

General Leadership Development Programs

Explore tailored coaching programs designed to nurture leadership skills at all levels, ensuring continuous growth and development. Businesses have witnessed enhanced team dynamics, improved decision-making, and increased employee engagement through our leadership development programs.

Our Client Experience - A Case Study

Ministry of Labour Immigration Training and Skills Development (MLITSD): Empowering Workplace Wellness

Olade Consulting successfully orchestrated the “Building Awareness Webinar Series” for the Ministry of Labour Immigration Training and Skills Development (MLITSD).