Laura Flessner

Meet Laura Flessner: a trailblazing force in the realm of innovative leadership, she’s on a mission to empower passionate professionals to ascend the career ladder without the need for a new job title. With a remarkable 17-year tenure in corporate innovation, Laura unveiled Mindtap in 2020, heralding a new era in leadership transformation.

Laura’s professional journey spans diverse roles, from engineer to product design, insights, and new business founder. Having lent her expertise to global giants such as Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, and GSK in the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) and Pharma sectors, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Beyond the corporate landscape, Laura has seamlessly applied her innovation prowess to diversity and inclusion programs, non-profits, and even her local church. Her conviction? Innovation knows no boundaries and can thrive in any context, making a difference in every role. 

What sets Laura apart is her commitment to coaching a diverse spectrum of professionals, ranging from women to minorities, introverts to LGBTQIA+, and the neurodiverse—essentially anyone who feels different from the management hierarchy in their workplace. Laura understands this struggle intimately, being a woman, Asian, an introvert, and someone who defies age expectations.

In her corporate past, Laura faced the frustration of feeling capable of more while receiving accolades for her work. Despite the absence of overt bias, she grappled with a system that hindered her progress. 

Recognizing the flaws in the traditional advancement system, Laura offers a different strategy, a transformative approach that turns diversity from a perceived disadvantage into a superpower.

Her coaching methodology, rooted in neuroscience, helps clients uncover biases hidden even from their leadership and peers. The Mindtap 3-Step Innovative Leadership process, infused with proven innovation tools, propels individuals to be seen as the leaders they are, irrespective of the organizational structure.

The brilliance of Laura’s strategy lies in its universal applicability—it works seamlessly across corporations, non-profits, and startups, spanning industries from banking to pharmaceuticals to software. Her clients range from individual contributors to VPs, small business owners to entrepreneurs.

For Laura, it’s more than a coaching process; it’s a call to action.

Her mantra: Be Brave. Stay Humble. Be True to You.

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