Olade Consulting: Building Skills and Diversity Gap in Canadian Workforce

Olade Consulting stands at the forefront of Project Management, Business Analysis, and Agile Delivery training, having established a legacy of practical, job-ready programs over the past decade. Our pioneering hands-on approach, designed to mimic real-world job experiences, has prepared thousands of students for successful careers in corporate Canada. Catering to internationally trained professionals, fresh graduates, and career changers, Olade has become synonymous with empowering diverse talent and contributing significantly to the Canadian economy. 


  • To provide comprehensive, practical training for job readiness in Project Management, Business Analysis, and Agile Delivery. 
  • To support the BIPOC community and new immigrants with training, resources, and mentorship, fostering a diverse and skilled Canadian workforce. 


  • Hands-On Learning: Integration of practical learning practices to offer an on-the-job learning experience. 
  • Career Coaching and Mentorship Program: A comprehensive support system including resume building, interview preparation, and ongoing mentorship. 
  • Empowering the BIPOC Community: Special initiatives designed to support new immigrants and minorities in navigating the job market. 


  • Trained Over 5,000 Students: A significant milestone in delivering practical skills and knowledge across Canada. 
  • Successful Career Transitions: A large number of graduates securing high-quality positions in corporate Canada. 
  • Enhanced Employability: Graduates gain a competitive edge through our career coaching and mentorship program. 


  • Diversity in Workforce: Contributed to the growth of a diverse, skilled workforce in Canada, particularly benefiting the BIPOC community. 
  • Economic Contribution: The empowerment of students with practical skills plays a crucial role in the economic development of Canada. 
  • Transformation and Growth: Olade’s efforts have been pivotal in the personal and professional growth of individuals, aiding in the diversification of Canada’s talent pool. 

Through its dedicated efforts, Olade Consulting remains a beacon of empowerment, offering not just education but a pathway to success for diverse communities within Canada. Our commitment to practical learning, combined with comprehensive career support, underscores our belief in the transformative power of mentorship and education in building a dynamic and inclusive workforce. 

Christopher Abarikwu


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