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A Considered Approach To Land Your Dream Job

Not only do we secure employment for our clients; we fully equip them for the future – continuously supporting them through their careers.

We leverage our broad employment network with Canada’s top companies to provide coaching, mentorship, and job application support services to give our candidates the needed competitive advantage to secure their dream jobs.

To ensure our clients have options that best suit their needs, we leverage two unique services; “Coaching Program” and “ Job Placement Service,”  to fulfil a tailored and thorough employment placement process.

Why Choose us

We Leverage An Intensive Coaching Process

Our one-on-one Coaching Program is designed to get you equipped for success in today’s competitive job market by providing you adequate knowledge and support for your job search.

We Provide Extensive Job Placement Services

We Provide Extensive Job Placement Services

Olade will take ownership of the job application process including submitting job applications, reaching out to companies, and recruitment agencies for potential opportunities.

On-Boarding Support

We provide support with regards to new employment; providing you or/and the vendor with the relevant documentation to support the onboarding process.

Incorporation Support

Olade provides extended support services not limited to incorporation set-up, tax services, business support, and general accounting services.

Our Client Experience (A Case Study)

Olade Consulting: Building Skills and Diversity Gap in Canadian Workforce

Olade Consulting stands at the forefront of Project Management, Business Analysis, and Agile Delivery training, having established a legacy of practical, job-ready programs over the past decade. 

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