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Discover the expertise and passion that drive our team of distinguished coaches. Each one is a seasoned professional, bringing a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in their respective fields.

Explore their profiles to gain insight into their unique coaching philosophies and accomplishments.

Mel White

Mello is an expert facilitator and trainer with a nuanced, human-centred approach.

Laura Flessner

Laura Flessner empowers passionate professionals to lead from where they are

Rashida Geddes

Rashida Geddes is on a mission to help talent get out of his or her own way

Arunie Saldhi

Arunie Saldhi is an executive coach and workplace mental health and wellness expert.

Laura Flessner

Laura had been in corporate innovation for 17 years before starting Mindtap in 2020.

Thomas James Stewart

Thomas James Stewart is a seasoned Strategic Advisor, Executive Coach..

Felicia Lekan-Salami

Felicia Lekan-Salami is a Big 4 trained multi-disciplinary leader with extensive experience in..

Robert Rudy

Robert Rudy has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies and developing..

Dr. Daniel Monehin

Dr. Daniel Monehin DBA, MBA, FCMA, FCPA, CPA heads Resolut Consulting, a global leadership..

Dr. Andrew S. Nevin

Dr. Andrew S. Nevin, PhD is the Founding Director of The African Institute of Leadership..

Akinyemi John

Akinyemi John is a Canada trained adult coach and lead training facilitator..

Marc Blai

Marc Blai is an Executive Coach and a specialist in Leadership development..

Ron Szekely

Ron Szekely started his career in Health and Beauty at L’Oréal Paris, where he oversaw..

Shannon Talbot

Meet Shannon Talbot, a seasoned professional who has held key roles as a former..

Aseel El-baba

Aseel El-baba, a seasoned Financial Planner turned Financial Therapist..

Roy Bartlett

Roy Bartlett brings over 35 years of expertise, leading major initiatives that have..

Meryl Afrika

Meryl Afrika has an extensive background in the payments domain, spanning..

Shiyen Shu

Shiyen Shu, a dedicated Certified Executive Coach, is committed to cultivating exceptional leaders..

Hugh Lawson

Hugh Lawson currently the Head Of Business Development at EHN Canada. As a member of the..

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