Ontario Treasury Board – Optimizing Public Sector Recruitment

Olade Consulting embarked on a transformative journey with the Ontario Treasury Board starting in November 2023, undertaking a two-year contract to streamline their staffing and recruitment process through expert resume screening services. Our mission was to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Treasury Board’s recruitment efforts, catering to a wide range of departments and roles within the organization.


The primary objectives of this partnership were to:

  • Efficiently manage the high volume of resume screenings across various departments.
  • Tailor the screening process to meet the unique requirements of each role, ensuring candidates matched the specific needs of the Treasury Board.
  • Provide timely and accurate recommendations to facilitate the hiring process, ultimately improving the Treasury Board’s operational efficiency.


Olade Consulting employed a strategic and collaborative approach to meet these objectives:

  • Initial Discovery: For each request, our team conducted discovery calls with hiring managers to thoroughly understand the nuances and specific requirements of each role.
  • Customized Screening: Leveraging our expertise in recruitment, we then tailored our screening processes to align with the insights gathered, ensuring a fit-for-purpose candidate shortlist.
  • Efficient Processing: Through a combination of proprietary techniques and technologies, we efficiently managed the volume of applications, from as few as 11 to over 1,000 resumes per job title.
  • Feedback Loop: We established a robust feedback mechanism with the Treasury Board, enabling continuous improvement and alignment with their evolving needs.


From January to April 2024,

  • Olade Consulting successfully processed an extensive array of job titles across various departments, including but not limited to:
  • Administrative and specialized roles in Corporate Services & I+IT.
  • Essential service positions in Institutions & Social Services.
  • Internship positions across multiple departments.

Our efforts resulted in the processing of thousands of resumes, delivering curated candidate lists that met or exceeded the Treasury Board’s stringent criteria.


The impact of our partnership with the Ontario Treasury Board has been multifaceted and significant:

  • Operational Efficiency: By streamlining the recruitment process, we have significantly reduced the time-to-hire for critical roles within the Treasury Board, directly contributing to the organization’s operational efficiency.
  • Strategic Staffing: Our ability to adapt and respond to a diverse range of staffing requirements has bolstered the Treasury Board’s strategic staffing capabilities, ensuring the right talent is placed in the right roles.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Capability: The success of this project has not only solidified Olade Consulting’s reputation as a leader in staffing and recruitment services but also set a new benchmark for excellence in public sector recruitment.

This project exemplifies Olade Consulting’s commitment to delivering bespoke staffing solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs, demonstrating our unmatched capability to navigate the complexities of public sector recruitment.

Christopher Abarikwu