Aseel El-baba

Aseel El-baba, a seasoned Financial Planner turned Financial Therapist, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her coaching endeavors.

Having spent a decade working with four of Canada’s big five banks, managing portfolios of almost 300 clients and $100M, Aseel’s journey in finance was marked by a deep connection with people and a genuine interest in helping them navigate crucial financial decisions.

Born and raised in Lebanon amidst a tumultuous environment, Aseel’s early fascination with existential questions and a desire to create positive change led her to conceptualize her first job title, “The Changer,” at the tender age of 10. Her quest for meaning and impact has been a driving force throughout her life.

After completing her degree in Business and Economics from York University, Aseel specialized in Financial Planning. Despite her success in the financial realm, she felt a calling to address the complex emotions and limiting beliefs surrounding money. Recognizing the taboo nature of financial discussions and the lack of understanding among many, she returned to school to study Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute, with plans 

to become a Registered Psychotherapist in 2023. Aseel’s mission goes beyond traditional financial coaching; she aspires to create a safe space for individuals to explore, heal, and foster a healthy relationship with money.

Her unique approach, blending financial expertise with psychotherapeutic insights, positions her at the forefront of Financial Therapy.  With a focus on holistic financial well-being, Aseel is dedicated to mending the emotional aspects of individuals’ relationships with money.

Having mentored professionals, led webinars, and co-spoken with global luminaries like Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, and Evan Carmichael, Aseel’s impact extends beyond individual coaching. Her latest venture, “Mindfulness and Money” with Conscious Economics, slated to launch in November 2023, reflects her commitment to transformative approaches in the financial space.

As Aseel combines her personal goals, purpose, experience, and education, her journey reflects a mission to not only facilitate personal transformation but also contribute to systemic change. With Financial Therapy as her tool, she seeks to empower individuals to navigate the intricate landscape of money, fostering resilience and well-being in the process.

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