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Telling the Olade Story

Our founder and CEO, Ade Adeyemi, moved to Canada in 2004 as an international student. Studying Business Administration in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he had the opportunity to experience the quality of life, rich culture, economic freedom, and exceptional education that the country offers. After graduating in 2009, Ade moved to Toronto where he entered the professional IT industry and went on to enjoy a career in IT Program Management within the financial services industry.

In 2012, Ade leveraged his background in IT Project Management, and his considerable experience in IT Staffing and Recruitment to launch Olade Consulting, a talent development and employment placement service company with a mandate to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their most ambitious career goals.

Through our programs and network, we have successfully connected several IT professionals with leading Canadian organizations to support the implementation of large enterprise-wide initiatives. We are beyond proud of what we have achieved especially the relationships and communities that we have built since 2012.

We must admit, it has been a tough journey, especially being in an industry where BIPOC representation is minuscule. We have had to navigate uncharted waters that have become all too familiar. Still, We have been able to take our experience with the lack of diversity and inclusion in these spaces and pivot them into invaluable teachable moments for both the company and our clients.

Our goal is to build a sustainable talent pool through our commitment to education and access to communities where fresh Canadian graduates, internationally trained professionals and other professionals can gain access to resources that will help them thrive in the Canadian job market. With this goal, we will help Canadian Companies to fill positions on time, take an active part in the Canadian economic growth and grow our internal capacity.

Our Mission

To empower our clients with expert project delivery services, supported by comprehensive staffing solutions, to drive business value and maximize return on investment.
To deliver exceptional learning services, expert advisory, and a comprehensive knowledge repository to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Vision

To drive long-term benefits for our clients through innovative solutions while nurturing a sustainable talent pool and building a better community.

CAMSC Certified Supplier

Our Approach to Diversity

Diversity is the core of our brand as Olade Consulting is a member of CAMSC, and 100% BIPOC. 

We celebrate diversity. Our People Practices outline how all our people should be treated as individuals, with respect and dignity. Our formal and informal feedback and performance and development programs provide opportunities for all our people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We aim to make continuous learning and talent development part of our corporate culture, and to create a dynamic work environment where the health and safety of staff is a top priority. 

As a leader in providing IT skills and resources, Olade Consulting has connected over 500+ talented BIPOC professionals with top organizations in the past 10 years.

In sourcing diverse candidates, we host our job advertisements on platforms that are accessible to the general public as well as diversity-specific platforms and communities. In addition, we audit our job ads to ensure that they cater to diverse individuals. We utilize keywords that are specific to diverse communities and are inclusive in nature. 

We also adopt the concept of blind hiring – where we blindly assess recruits by eliminating personal data such as age and nationality. 

Our key success metrics for recruitment is the Diversity of employees vs. application pool – who we hire vs. who has applied. This is a clear indication of the choices made with respect to diversity. 

Client Testimonial

I’ve had an absolutely tremendous experience with Olade Consulting. Everyone in the team has been exceptionally professional and has always provided me with custom-made training and mentorship programs. They have helped me in securing and successfully cracking interviews for professional opportunities.
Karam Sharma
Project Management Consultant
I commend Olade Consulting for the good work they keep doing to equip highly motivated folks. With their training being practical and jargon-free ensuring everyone irrespective of their background remain engaged and active throughout the training experience. This enabled me to secure a role in one of the Top 5 banks in Canada.
Chris Nkwontah
IT Analyst
Olade has not only provided exceptional professional support but also mentorship throughout my journey in project management! The team will go above and beyond to ensure you achieve your career goals. I highly recommend Olade throughout the process from training to securing employment.
Payal Shah
Project Manager

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