About us

Our Story

At the core of Olade Consulting's inception lies the journey of its founder and CEO, Ade Adeyemi. Arriving in Canada as an international student in 2004, Ade experienced firsthand the country's abundant opportunities and exceptional education. Following his graduation in 2009, he transitioned into IT Program Management within the financial services sector in Toronto, capitalizing on his expertise in IT Project Management.

Recognizing a need for talent development and employment placement services in the IT industry, Ade founded Olade Consulting in 2012. With a focus on empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their career aspirations, the company quickly became a trusted partner in the field.

Ade's vision and leadership have propelled Olade Consulting to success, embodying a commitment to fostering professional growth and organizational excellence.

Our Commitment

Over the years we have positioned ourselves to be a full service workplace transformation agency by driving business value and maximizing return on investment. Understanding that successful project delivery transcends mere completion of tasks, our commitment extends further. We provide exceptional learning services, expert advisory, and a comprehensive knowledge repository, equipping our clients with the tools and insights essential for achieving their goals. Embracing a holistic approach to support, we ensure our clients are equipped with everything necessary to thrive.

We believe in nurturing a sustainable talent pool and fostering an inclusive community on our journey. By investing in our people and community, we not only achieve success but also cultivate lasting value for all stakeholders involved. Together, we are architects of a brighter future—one project, one client, and one community at a time.

Our Mission

To empower our clients with exceptional learning services supported by comprehensive staffing solutions, to drive business value and maximize return on investment.

Our Vision

To drive long-term benefits for our clients through innovative solutions while nurturing a sustainable talent pool and building a better community.

Our Approach to Diversity

Diversity is the core of our brand as Olade Consulting is a member of CAMSC, and 100% BIPOC.

We celebrate diversity. Our People Practices outline how all our people should be treated as individuals, with respect and dignity. Our formal and informal feedback and performance and development programs provide opportunities for all our people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We aim to make continuous learning and talent development part of our corporate culture, and to create a dynamic work environment where the health and safety of staff is a top priority.

As a leader in providing IT skills and resources, Olade Consulting has connected over 500+ talented BIPOC professionals with top organizations in the past 10 years.

In sourcing diverse candidates, we host our job advertisements on platforms that are accessible to the general public as well as diversity-specific platforms and communities.

In addition, we audit our job ads to ensure that they cater to diverse individuals.

We utilize keywords that are specific to diverse communities and are inclusive in nature. We also adopt the concept of blind hiring – where we blindly assess recruits by eliminating personal data such as age and nationality.

Our key success metrics for recruitment is the Diversity of employees vs. application pool – who we hire vs. who has applied.

This is a clear indication of the choices made with respect to diversity, reflecting our commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity in all aspects of our operations.

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